Artists in Motion

Artists in Motion (AIM) was created in 2014. In 2015 we became a fully insured, non profit organization.  As families that homeschool, we wanted to come together to create an environment where our children could be exposed to art and physical education with a group of their peers. Our goal is for our children to experience many types of art and to strengthen their physical abilities and have a consistent group of friends to socialize with on a weekly basis.

We meet Thursday afternoons for 24 weeks divided into 4 terms of 6 weeks. Parents work together to plan and teach classes and enjoy freeplay. We currently have about 35 families with over 100 youth ages 0-17

Some of Our Classes



We will offer a variety of art classes including painting, sketch, watercolors, fiber arts, and photography.

Physical Education


Students will all participate in a P.E. class to encourage movement including little tumbling, dance, yoga, individual and team sports.



We have an excellent class to introduce kids to theater and let them find confidence in acting. Past performances have included Seussical, Jungle Book, Addams Family, 101 Dalmations, Lion King, and Wizard of Oz. 

This year our 7-10 year olds will be learning musical numbers and scenes from various plays and Broadway Musicals and putting together an end of semester showcase. The 11,12, & 13 year olds will be performing "Pirates of Penzance" and the youth 14 and older will be doing "Into the Woods". 


Our music program includes choir, violin, and ukulele culminating in a showcase for students to share their progress with extended family.